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Introducing MageTools

A faster alternative to DevTools

MageTools is a faster, easier alternative to Chrome's DevTools inspector. It lets you inspect styles 5x faster, edit CSS in real time, and more.

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Inspect styles faster

Inspect styles 5 times faster than DevTools. And unlike DevTools, MageTools doesn't resize your screen or take multiple clicks to open.

Feature (Beta)

Edit CSS in realtime

Rapidly design UIs with a live CSS editor. Test out rules in real time.


Jump between parents and children

MageTools helps you find the styles you're looking for by listing the parents and children of any element.

Feature (Beta)

Make mobile development easier

When you resize a window, MageTools will show its dimensions. Perfect for testing media queries. And you can open a mobile-sized window for quick testing.


Live-edit HTML attributes

New! Live-edit image URLs, apply classes, and add your own attributes to any HTML element. Useful for testing.


Use gaming-inspired shortcuts

You can set your own shortcut to open MageTools. Once it's open, it uses gaming-inspired shortcuts to speed up your workflow.

  • W show an element's parents and children
  • A press to move left
  • S hold to inspect an element behind the panel
  • D press to move right
  • E press to open editor
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